Yamaha Continues to Announce Analogue Products

Following on from Yamaha’s flagship GT-5000 turntable release recently (see our news story here), the company is expanding its reach into the analogue playback platform… but in a tricked-out way.

A duo of affordable, quality turntables in the TT-N503 and TT-S303 has been launched at IFA at a dedicated event organised by “youth-focused” media group ‘Vice’. In order to attract the target demographic, the new TT-N503 is able to stream audio wirelessly to MusicCast products via Wi-Fi. Yamaha’s MusicCast stable of products is ever-growing and includes high quality amplification in addition to convenient channels such as wireless speakers and sound bars. Of course, MusicCast also offers multi-room streaming capabilities. Further music access is provided via the TT-N503’s streaming abilities via Bluetooth while being capable of providing playback for music content services such as Spotify, Tidal, etc.


As an entry-point product, the TT-S303 does not include the TT-N503’s wireless streaming and MusicCast technologies. However, it includes a by-passable phono EQ feature which allows the adoption of an external phono stage.

Russell Wykes, Marketing and Global Content Development Manager for Yamaha Music Australia’s AV Division told SoundStage! Australia, "When you look back at the history of hi-fi, Yamaha features prominently having produced numerous products that have helped to shape the way we listen to music today. We’re now looking to introduce a new generation to hi-fi and are extremely excited to be doing so with the launch of our new turntables".


The new Yamaha black gloss-finished TT-N503 and TT-S303 turntables will be available in Australia in October 2018 and are priced at AU$899 and AU$599 respectively.

Australian Distributor: Yamaha Music Australia
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