KEF Announces the New R Series Loudspeakers

In a video scoop, SoundStage! Network’s Doug Schneider presents a video interview with KEF’s Ambassador Johan Coorg and Acoustic Engineer Chris Spear as they announce the company’s new R Series of loudspeakers.

The R Series has run for a number of generations now and has been a pivoting point for KEF’s overall product offering. As they say, it is the ‘bread and butter’ of the company, with a healthy offering of technology from models in the upper echelons. Now, at CEDIA, the company announces the all-new R range. While sharing visual and styling similarities with the previous generation of loudspeakers, the new R Series is quite the reinvention.


There are new-gen drivers, substantial cabinet improvements with the use of constrained-layer dampened bracing panels, a reflex port design inspired by the LS50’s and much more.

For the details on the new KEF R Series loudspeakers and insights from the creators go to our Videos page here:

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