M&K Sound Introduces Volkswoofer Limited Edition Subwoofer

As part of its 50 year anniversary and as a form of tribute to the company’s highly acclaimed original Volkswoofer low frequency transducer, M&K Sound has announced the celebratory Volkswoofer Limited Edition subwoofer.

Making it an M&K Sound collectible, the new subwoofer celebrates the company’s original and highly-revered Volkswoofer from the 1970s, with the new ‘Limited Edition’ totalling 100 units globally. The Volkswoofer Limited Edition takes a truncated pyramidal shape featuring a high quality, retro-like veneer which has been specially treated. M&K Sound states the type of treatment provides each unit with a unique finish.

MK Sound

The Volkswoofer’s front panel houses a bespoke 300 mm (12-inch) dual magnet, high power bass, long excursion driver. The driver features commemorative printing on the large dust cap which sees the company catchcry “Discover Deep Bass” printed above the corporate logo and a “1974 - 2024” 50-year affirmation.

Along with contemporaries Arnie Nudell and Cary Christie, M&K Sound founder Ken Kreisel developed the very first powered subwoofers. The Volkswoofer Limited Edition continues the tradition by incorporating a custom 300 watts amplifier on the unit’s rear panel. Also, above the back plate amplifier, there’s a recessed 50th Anniversary commemorative plaque stating the ‘Limited Edition’ status with an individual number out of the total production of 100. The gold motif is carried to the Volkswoofer’s front panel grille which also sports a gold M&K logo on the top left corner.

M&K Sound told SoundStage! Australia, “Recreating the original Volkswoofer has been a journey through time, technology and passion. This isn’t just an anniversary project – it’s a tribute to craftsmanship, innovation, and the early audiophiles who believed in M&K Sound.

MK Sound

Due to land in August 2024, Australia has secured a number of Volkswoofer Limited Edition units via local importer Indi Imports. Units will be available for audition through select specialist audio dealers around the country. The limited nature of the product makes availability for purchase on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis.

M&K Sound Volkswoofer Limited Edition Subwoofer
Price: AU$3999

Australian Distributor: Indi Imports
+61 (3) 9416 7037