REL Acoustics Classic 99 Subwoofer Coming to Australia

The new Classic 99 subwoofer builds on REL Acoustic’s successful Classic 98 by increasing the unit’s power and low frequency extension while also enhancing the overall performance and aesthetic design.

The new Classic 99 now employs a bespoke long stroke, lightweight 300 mm (12 inch) down-firing woofer featuring a hot-pressed, stiff paper cone bonded to a “hand-thrown” paper centre cap in order to randomise the fibres, a strategy which is said to provide self-damping. Aside from other aspects of performance which benefit from the cone structure, REL claims enhanced dynamic expression.


The Classic 99 features the Welsh company’s “tried-and-true” Class-D amplification as employed throughout several generations of the company’s subwoofers. The onboard rear panel amplification is rated at 450 watts and is fed via the company’s own PerfectFilter technology, which is said to extend low frequency extension down to 24 Hz at -6dB.

REL Acoustics’ preferred high level connectivity is catered to via the usual Speakon connector (10 meter cable supplied) while there are also options for low level RCA and .1/LFE, also via RCA. There’s a high and low level volume control in addition to another volume pot for the .1/LFE input. Crossover settings can be continuously adjusted from 30 Hz to 120 Hz.


In-keeping with the ‘Classic’ denomination and retro styling, the Classic 99 sealed box cabinet is available in a superb high-grade dark walnut finish which harkens back to early REL Acoustics designs. Beneath the attractive veneer is a solid enclosure with panelling up to 32 mm in thickness while the entire cabinet sits on bespoke aluminium footers.

Like many of the upmarket REL Acoustics subwoofers, the Classic 99 is compatible with the company’s HT-Air MKII and AirShip II wireless systems.


The REL Acoustics Classic 99 subwoofer will be available in Australia in July 2024 via importer Synergy Audio’s country-wide specialist dealer network.

REL Acoustics Classic 99 Subwoofer
Price: AU$3699

Australian Distributor: Synergy Audio
+61 3 9459 7474