Yamaha’s Hi-Fi Division Celebrates 70th Anniversary

In light of its first musical instrument being manufactured in the late 1800s, Yamaha’s audio Division could be seen as a veritable youngster. Yet, the 70th anniversary makes Yamaha one of the longest running audio manufacturers.

For the Hi-Fi Division, it all started back in 1954 with its very first product, the aptly named ‘Yamaha Hi-Fi Player’, a turntable which through numerous generations evolved into the famous GT-2000 and, in the 21st century, on to the excellent current GT-5000. Of course, Yamaha now offers a superb range of audio products from entry level right up to the company’s high-end flagship 5000 series components.


The 1960s spawned the highly acclaimed NS-20 and NS-30 loudspeaker systems while the 1970s saw several renowned products, including 1974’s iconic NS-1000 speakers which introduced beryllium drivers to the audio world. Also introduced as a result of Yamaha’s creativity around that time was the NS-10M studio monitor, which  has subsequently become a ubiquitous tool in just about every major studio around the globe.

In 1987, Yamaha celebrated its 100 year Anniversary and, in order to celebrate the landmark achievement, Yamaha launched the high-end 10000 series which included the MX-10000 power amp, CX-10000 control amplifier, CD-X10000 CD player, HX-10000 phono equalizer, and NSX-10000 speakers. All considered true classics of the audio industry. You’ll find a complete timeline of Yamaha’s most remarkable products by clicking here.


As a company which produces the entire audio chain, from instrument, to microphone and recording equipment and right up to the playback hardware, Yamaha is in a unique position to offer artists’ creations through its complete product journey. Right up to the consumers’ listening room. The company refers to the product arch as part of the ‘True Sound’ ideology (read our ‘True Sound’ Yamaha HQ feature here).

Yamaha has announced that as a component of its 70th Anniversary celebrations, the company is planning a series of special events at audio shows around the world. At the events, there will be dedicated areas where music lovers will be able to sample and enjoy Yamaha’s wide range of electronics and loudspeaker systems, including headphone auditioning. First seen at the Australian Hi-Fi show, events followed at AXPONA and High End Munich.


In a statement, Yamaha told SoundStage! Australia, “… Yamaha has continued to be at the forefront in the Hi-Fi space, manufacturing products which exude the heritage and craftsmanship that only a company who is involved in every facet of music can achieve… The journey does not stop here, and we will continue developing innovative products to deliver even more fresh and new emotions in music.”

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