Triangle Unveils Capella Active Loudspeakers

French loudspeaker specialist Triangle has announced the new Capella active standmount speaker, featuring the company’s full acoustic and digital technologies know-how.

The new Capella speakers are handcrafted in France and embody Triangle’s latest sound signal processing technologies said to “adapt and fit your needs”. Part of the Capella’s trickery lives in an independent component in a small-form chassis which Triangle calls a “compact Stereo Hub”. The outboard box features an analogue line level input via RCA, a HDMI with ARC/CEC compatibility, three Toslink optical sockets, one S/PDIF RCA coaxial, a 3.5 mm mini-jack stereo/optical socket, a USB audio port, and WiSA and Bluetooth wireless technologies (supplied Bluetooth antenna).


In addition to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth streaming, the Stereo Hub features Airplay, Google Chromecast and Roon Ready compatibility while being UPnP and DLNA capable. Streaming is, of course, available for Spotify (Spotify Connect capable), Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer, and much more. WiSA capabilities allow Capella speakers to be placed at any location around the home, with the wireless transmission technology said to be “without noticeable latency”. A supplied aluminium radio remote also allows wide location control.

The Capella tweeter is an evolution and trickle down from extensive research as a result of Triangle’s 40th Anniversary Esprit range. The horn-loaded tweeter features a 25 mm magnesium alloy dome which has been mated to a custom phase plug providing controlled axis response. The midrange and low-frequencies are handled by a 165 mm driver featuring a natural cellulose pulp diaphragm. Low frequencies are supported via a down-firing flared reflex port.


Capella features a dedicated converter and a 50 watts Class-D amplifier each for the tweeter and mid-bass drivers, while a powerful DSP engine is provided in order to enhance and monitor driver performance. The DSP engine is also tasked with augmenting low-frequency extension. The Stereo Hub is capable of resolutions up to 24-bit/192 kHz for digital sources, 24-bit/96 kHz for analog sources, 16-bit/48 kHz for Bluetooth streaming and 24-bit/96 kHz for WiSA wireless speaker interface (2.6 ms latency).

The Capella crossover is “digitally controlled” to manage what’s said to be a perfect frequency response. The DSP also takes into account room acoustics, tailoring the Capella’s performance to the environment. Room calibration is an automatic process, and the bespoke Triangle Capella app (iOS and Android) allows full control and custom settings of the attained response. Triangle offers the wireless ‘ZEN’ microphone as an optional extra to conduct the precise calibration.


Capella’s solid cabinet employs Triangle’s DVAS technology which employs a specially damped and perforated reinforcement brace which is “pushed” against the mid-bass driver. The DVAS architecture allows for optimised port airflow. Dispersion characteristics are controlled via rounded cabinet corners and a “sculptured” driver rim.

Capella is available in four finish options: a black wood grain called Black Star, a matt ‘Space White’, a wood grained ‘Astral Blue’, and a heavy grain/dark wood ‘Brown Nebula’. Matching stands to each finish are available as an optional extra.


The new Triangle Capella active loudspeaker will be available in Australia in late Q3 2024 via importer Audio Marketing’s country-wide dealer network.

Triangle Capella Active Loudspeakers
Price: AU$5500/Pair

Australian Distributor: Audio Marketing
+61 2 9882 3877