Drive Time – Melco’s D100 Optical Disc Drive

Melco Syncrets Inc, known simply as Melco, maker of audiophile quality computer audio playback electronics, has announced the new D100 dedicated optical disc drive.

The D100 is purely a disc spinner which allows high quality ripping of your CD collection on to, ideally, its perfect mate, Melco’s N1 Network Player/Streamer or “Hi-Res Digital Music Library” as the company refers to it. The D100 supports CD (CD-DA disc read only), DVD and BD for data only. Rear panel connectivity includes a USB 3.0 Type A for connecting to Melco’s N1 (or compatible device) and one USB 3.0 Type B as input from the “HOST” device. Melco’s website product page features a list of tested compatible devices.

“We have had substantial demand for this disc drive,” BMC’s Mark Gusew, importer of Melco products into Australia, told SoundStage! Australia, “so we’ve ordered a number of D100 drives with a large proportion of the first shipment being pre-sold. Arrival of the D100 into Australia is imminent.”


Ripping of discs in the highest possible quality has been the aim with the D100. It employs a high quality Japanese disc drive and custom Melco-designed circuitry that has been engineered to provide the best possible signal transfer and noise reduction. The N100’s chassis features solid aluminium panels, a 2mm thick bottom panel used to reduce vibrational distortion – the unit weighs in at a relatively solid 3.5kg – and its styling falls in harmony with the Melco line of products.


As part of the Buffalo Inc. group, Melco has access to one of Japan’s leading computer hardware and software engineering resources. While Melco’s product line-up is quite simple, the products on offer are at the leading edge of computer audio playback.

The Melco range of products is distributed in Australia via BMC (Burwood Music Centre) High Fidelity in Melbourne.

Australian Distributor: BMC High Fidelity
+61 3 8683 9910

Price: AU$1850