New Website for The Sydney Audio Club (SAC)

The very active Sydney Audio Club (SAC), which has been in steady growth since its inception in 2007, has announced the launching of its new website.

The new online hub for the SAC (link here) is a much improved platform for general information on the nature of the club, its monthly official and member activities, its key organising personnel and much more. SAC is a Sydney-based organisation which holds meetings once a month at its long-held venue in convenient Epping towards the north-west of Sydney.

The SAC is a superb platform providing Australian manufacturers and audio distributors with an opportunity to showcase their products and services. The meetings are well-attended by members which consist of a cross-section of audio enthusiasts and hobbyists at all levels. SoundStage! Australia has had the pleasure of attending many events throughout the years and has found the quality of the presentations, the members’ music selections and the organisational and social aspects of the meetings to be outstanding.


As the club mission statement declares, “Our members include people from all walks of life, of different ages and backgrounds and with widely diverse musical interests. The values and principles on which the club was founded ensure that a welcoming, respectful and appreciative culture pervades our Club functions.

“We hold a regular monthly meeting with a theme or equipment to audition and other special events. We are open and transparent and invite our members and guests to listen to and share their own music with the Club in a non-judgmental atmosphere. Our members are encouraged to become actively involved in our Club through our Special Interest Groups (SIGs), where members can explore particular musical and audio interests in the friendly atmosphere of members’ homes. We cover all genres: classical, jazz, rock/pop and blues/folk/world/country.

“We believe that our homes, our lives and the lives of our families are enriched through the presence of music, and the listening skills that we cultivate have spin off benefits in other parts in our lives.”

For general club information and details of meeting dates, times and location visit

Sydney Audio Club