Audio Solutions Launches Overture O306F Loudspeakers

Lithuanian acoustics specialist Audio Solutions has unveiled the O306F, a key product for the company and its first “large scale” Overture line floorstanding speaker.

The new speaker joins the ‘Mk. III’ generation of the Overture line with refreshed aesthetics and a host of new technologies. The O306F is a large floorstander in a 3-way, four driver configuration. The top-most driver is Audio Solutions’ custom ‘ER’ 152 mm paper cone midrange driver which is mounted above the custom 25 mm silk dome tweeter. The tweeter is placed within a ‘Mini Horn’ flare, which the company has carefully designed in order to provide a natural acoustic impedance damping system, said to alleviate the silk dome’s distortions at high SPLs. The low-frequencies are handled by twin ER 230 mm paper cone drivers with support via a highly contoured (to avoid air turbulence ‘chuffing’) ‘High-Flow’ reflex port on the rear panel.

Audio Solutions

Audio Solutions’ crossover design is of a phase-linear topology with high quality components mounted on an extra thick PCB. The components are of high quality and include “high grade coreless copper coils”. Crossover points are stated as 500 Hz and 3000 Hz.

The drivers are supported via Audio Solutions’ ‘Box-in-a-Box’ enclosure design as seen in the company’s upmarket Virtuoso line. The inner box is of slightly lighter construction while the outer box is a stiffer, more substantial construction. The space between each cabinet layer is filled (with a small gap) with a viscous polyurethane layer – or skin – which provides further cabinet damping. The interior layout prevents back-wave reflections and provides control over resonance distortions. This is an expensive method of cabinet production and kudos to Audio Solutions for including this architecture in this lower-priced Overture product. Consequently, the heroic cabinet construction has produced a speaker which weighs 70kg (each).

Audio Solutions

Audio Solutions quotes an in-room frequency response of between 29 Hz and 26 kHz (no parameters provided) while the sensitivity is said to be 91.5dB at 2.83V at one meter. The system impedance is quoted as a nominal 4 ohms while maximum power handling is 500 watts.

Audio Solutions’ CEO Gediminas Gaidelis told SoundStage! Australia, “… we decided to add the most essential speaker in our range, the O306F which is in size, and driver size, an equivalent to Figaro L. The new speaker is the ultimate marriage of art and technology”.

Audio Solutions

The O306F loudspeakers are available in a variety of cabinet finishes including Gloss Black and Gloss White as the standard options. Additional cost options include Zebrano, Mahogany and Wenge veneers and the Limited Collection Blanco, White Mahogany, Black Mahogany and Matured Oak.

Audio Solutions loudspeakers are distributed in Australia via Absolute Hi End’s established dealer network.

Audio Solutions Overture O306F Loudspeakers
Price: AU$10,950 in Standard Finishes

Australian Distributor: Absolute Hi End
+61 488 777 999