Cop a Hammering with Richter Audio Thor 10.6 Subwoofer

Richter Audio has announced a newly-revamped Thor Series 6 subwoofer line with the first one off the rank being the Thor 10.6 which will be available in Australia in mid-November.

Australia's Richter Audio has had a superb history when it comes to subwoofers, many of them garnishing awards from local and overseas media. The company has designed the new line to excel at stereo playback while also having the necessary output to perform within the context of a high quality multi-channel system.


“Smaller, faster and more powerful than any previous THOR subwoofer” says Brian Rodgers proprietor of Richter Audio. Power indeed is what is on-board with a new dedicated 450 watts Class-D amplifier driving the all-new 10-inch (250mm) high-power high-excursion bass driver.

Richter Audio quotes impressive specifications for the Thor 10.6 subwoofer with the frequency response extending down to 20Hz (no minus dB point provided) and up to 160Hz with a variable phase between 0-180 degrees and a variable crossover between 40Hz and 160Hz (can also be bypassed).

The Thor 10.6 subwoofer is provided with a number of port-plugging options – ‘Room Tune’ in Richter-speak – to cater for differing room acoustics and positioning options. ‘Room Tune’ is available in conjunction with an on-board DSP equaliser featuring three curve modes including ‘Music’, ‘Home Theatre’ and a custom ‘Merlin Mode’ which has been engineered to provide a seamless transition when used with Richter’s Merlin V standmount speakers.


Connecting options now include an XLR pass-through allowing the daisy-chaining of multiple Thor subwoofers for increased output and in order to cater to large multi-channel cinema systems. Further, there are two RCA inputs (one is an LFE input) and quality speaker binding posts for direct satellite connectivity.

The Thor range will be further expanded by Richter Audio over the next few months.

Australian Distributor: Richter Audio
+61 (2) 4962-1594

Price: AU$1499