Interdyn to Distribute IsoTek Systems’ Products in Australia

IsoTek Systems, maker of highly acclaimed power products including quality AC cables, is now being represented in Australia and New Zealand via respected distribution company Interdyn.

Previously distributed in Australia by Audio Active, the IsoTek Systems’ brand now joins Interdyn’s growing stable. IsoTek Systems’ mains conditioning, power distribution and cable products have received positive appraisal from the global press and users for their design, technology and performance within the context of audio systems at all levels. What’s more, many audiophiles and audio enthusiasts consider power products essential items for the building of quality Hi-Fi systems.

IsoTek Systems’ EVO mains conditioning products feature multi-stage conditioning, substantial RFI and Common Mode Noise rejection, proprietary protection systems and high current designs capable of accommodating powerful amplification. Similar noise reduction ideology has been employed across IsoTek Systems’ comprehensive power distribution and cable products.

In a media statement, IsoTek Systems’ Managing Director Keith Martin said, “We welcome the opportunity to work with Interdyn not only in the New Zealand but now the Australian markets”, referring to an expansion of the New Zealand distribution arrangement between the two companies that had been in place since 2016.

Interdyn Director Sam Encel added, “We're delighted to be able to work with IsoTek on both sides of the Tasman. We've enjoyed a strong relationship in New Zealand for some time now, and we look forward to building on that as we take on their products in Australia.”

The addition of IsoTek Systems to the Interdyn product line-up will be complimentary to the company’s excellent brand representation which includes major brands such as Devialet, Ortofon, PMC, Pro-Ject, Roon, Rotel and many more.

Official distribution was stated to have commenced from Monday June 18 2018. IsoTek Systems’ products are available around the country via established specialist dealers.

Australian Distributor: Interdyn
+61 3 9426 3600