SoundStage! Network's Products of the Year 2017

True to the meaning of the word Network, back in July 2017 the SoundStage! Universe expanded to include this land Down Under. Since our ‘Big Bang’ six months ago, our Australian team reviewed a stellar list of gear covering all areas of audio reproduction. And while the product coverage has been all-encompassing, it nevertheless would be remiss of us here at SoundStage! Australia to hold our own POTY Awards based on such a brief – yet highly productive – life span.

On the other hand, as both our readership and our industry-wide reach continues to expand exponentially, a form of recognition for outstanding products reviewed throughout a given year is, as we consider it, almost obligatory. Given a further six months, when we reach our first landmark year on July 2018, our product review portfolio would have spread across a wider cross-section of price points giving us a more pertinent POTY product sample pool incorporating all the products reviewed. So on that note, stay tuned, as 2018 will mark an inaugural appreciation and formal acknowledgement of excellence in audio products as considered and evaluated by SoundStage! Australia.

In the meantime, our Network’s POTYs have been announced on SoundStage! Hi-Fi and you can read all about these extraordinary products – some of which we’ve also either reviewed, actually own or are thoroughly familiar with here at SoundStage! Australia – how they’ve made their mark and have been commended by SoundStage!’s skilled writers who judged them while being embraced by consumers around the world.

Edgar Kramer
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