McIntosh Laboratory Launches Its Most Powerful Amplifier Yet

With the new MC2.1KW amplifier, McIntosh Laboratory hits the 2024 New Year with a double whammy – its most powerful amplifier ever to celebrate the company’s 75th Anniversary.

To say the MC2.1KW monoblock amplifier is a powerhouse would be an understatement. The new three-chassis-per-channel amplification beast is said to be capable of no less than 2000 watts of unadulterated power output. Plus, to commemorate this special amplifier released on the anniversary of McIntosh Laboratory’s 75th year, the first 75 stereo pairs will feature celebratory badging, a special medallion, and “75 Years” front panel handle etchings, making them standout collectors’ items. The special 75 year anniversary badging will also be available for 75 flagship 12000 series products and McIntosh’s MC1.25KW amplifier. The first 75 pairs offer applies to each country where the company’s products are distributed.


The MC2.1KW is a three-box per channel configuration where one chassis houses the ‘Output Module’ which incorporates the company’s long-used bi-filar-wound Autoformer. The two remaining chassis each house a 1000 watts amplifier which in unison can output 2000 watts into impedances from 2 ohms to 8 ohms and beyond. The six boxes required for a stereo system demand considerable in-room real estate and investment in accompanying equipment of commensurate quality, making for a top-tier high-end audio system.

The MC2.1KW amplifiers feature sonic performance upgrades derived from an improved larger filter capacitor bank, general electronic circuit refinements, shorter signal paths and higher quality internal wiring. Overall, the enhancements are said to provide increased headroom for a more dynamic presentation while also improving low-frequency reproduction. As per upper-tier McIntosh components, the company’s signature ‘Monogrammed Heatsinks’ are employed in order to provide efficient heat dissipation.


McIntosh Laboratory’s patented ‘Solid Cinch’ binding posts are presented in an array covering 2 ohms, 4 ohms and 8 ohms loudspeaker loads. Each impedance binding post set is mounted on an individual platform for easy management. The Solid Cinch array also provides for bi- or tri-wiring loudspeaker configurations. A secure IP68 rated bayonet connecting system couples the three amplifier chassis to one another.

Of course, the current design language of upper echelon McIntosh products applies to the MC2.1KW components. There are the trademark meters, smoked glass fascia, LED backlighting, the strong blue and green colour theme, circuit design details marked on the top panels, the retro knobs and more.

McIntosh president Charlie Randall told SoundStage! Australia, “The perfect product to commemorate McIntosh’s 75th anniversary, the MC2.1KW is the embodiment of our passion, and it invites audio enthusiasts to embark on an extraordinary journey through sound with one of our most powerful amplifiers yet.”


The new MC2.1KW multi-chassis monoblock amplifier will begin shipping in February of 2024. Australian distributor Synergy Audio can be contacted (see below) for further details on local availability.

McIntosh Laboratory MC2.1KW Amplifier
Price: AU$99,995 each

Australian Distributor: Synergy Audio
+61 3 9459 7474