Weiss Engineering Launches Improved MAN301R Network Player

Weiss Engineering’s new MAN301R Network Player improves on its predecessor with a number of enhancements including an eight-times more powerful ITX processor.

In light of the ubiquity of streaming in our music-playing habits, Weiss Engineering’s new MAN301R features a much-improved ITX board said to be eight times more powerful than its predecessor. Also now included in the new unit is 8GB of RAM and “completely re-written drivers” (MAN301 units can be upgraded to MAN301R level). The software now makes the MAN301R a Roon-based streamer  and music library management system with built-in Roon Core dedicated internal SSD drive. Roon capability allows Tidal, Qobuz and KKBox music services integration (subscriptions needed, of course). Local storage device playback is available too via network connectivity to NAS drives.


Music playback support goes to 32-bit/192 kHz resolution for WAV and AIFF file formats. Interestingly, the company states that same resolution, while “untested”, may also be available on FLAC (otherwise 24-bit/192 kHz capability is quoted). Further, M4a/ALAC 32-bit/192 kHz and M4a/AAC 96 kHz is quoted for those file formats.

Digital connectivity includes AES/EBU input and output via XLR, S/PDIF input and output via RCA, an optical Toslink input, and an RJ45 Ethernet port output, all with 24-bit input word length. Further, there are a USB-A port (storage device), and two ‘Firewire’ ports. On the analogue side, there are both balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA outputs which apply to the MAN301R version with the digital-to-analogue converter module (‘Preamp Mode’). This option also allows the MAN301R to directly drive power amplifiers via its on-board volume control. ‘Preamp Mode’ also provides UPnP connectivity and Airplay streaming (Wi-Fi antenna socket on the rear panel).


The MAN301R features an in-built CD drive allowing easy CD-ripping directly to a storage device connected to the unit’s USB-A port (includes metadata and cover art). Playback can be done directly from the connected storage device, or the rip may be copied across to another external device.

The internals feature high quality components and the MAN301R’s power supply encompasses independent sections for the computer circuitry and for the digital and analog audio sections. Weiss Engineering has employed a high quality toroidal transformer and a combination of switching and linear voltage regulators for the audio section’s power supply.


The new MAN301R Network Player is available in Australia via Melbourne importer Sound Gallery.

Weiss Engineering MAN301R Network Player
Price: Without DAC AU$15,500, With DAC AU$22,500

Australian Distributor: Sound Gallery
+61 3 9578 8658