Wilson Audio Unveils New Sasha V

In an update to the Wilson Audio portfolio, the new Sasha V inherits ‘V’ material, upgraded drivers and several other trickle down technologies derived from its upper echelon stablemates.

Sasha V is the evolved new specimen and, in line with Wilson Audio ongoing advancements, is a refinement of its predecessor, the David A. Wilson homage Sasha DAW (the ‘DAW’ is bound to become a future collectible classic). While the form factor remains almost identical barring minor visual refinements, the Sasha V sports a shortlist of extensive revisions promising heightened performance. The enhancements have been passed down from Wilson Audio’s flagship XVX and in-turn down to Alexx V and, most recently, Alexia V.


For starters, Sasha V now features the Convergent Synergy Carbon (CSC) 25mm doped silk dome tweeter inherited from Alexia V and its up-tier brethren. The tweeter’s in-house manufactured carbon fibre rear chamber has been designed to eliminate back wave distortions. Wilson Audio has invested in a battery of 3D printers to produce this important element of the tweeter design. The driver is said to produce a linear response, extended range and accurate high frequency tonality.

The superb proprietary Alnico QuadraMag is a further inherited component for the Sasha V. As the name implies, the 180mm driver features a quad grouping of Alnico magnets arranged in a configuration which provides ideal magnetic flux and voice coil control. The diaphragm is a paper pulp composite material which, in conjunction with the QuadraMag motor, provides fast transient response and has been engineered to provide a smooth crossover blending with the CSC tweeter and bass drivers. The driver is mounted to an S-Material baffle while the remainder of the panels are X-Material.


Sasha V carries the twin 200mm low-frequency transducers (in an X-Material enclosure) as per the configuration used since the early WATT/Puppy models. The bass drivers are supported via a rear reflex port and feature large magnet systems and paper pulp cone/diaphragms. The low frequency has a -3dB Room Average Response (RAR) point of 20 Hz while the frequency response extends to 32 kHz. Impedance is a nominal 4 ohms while sensitivity is stated as 88dB (1 watt/1m/1 kHz).

Wilson Audio has been experimenting with materials technology since the company’s inception. Now, the newest V-Material is trickled to the Sasha V. A critical location for the implementation of V-Material is in the interface surface between upper and lower enclosures. The use of this material in that location provides isolation for the upper module and vibrational distortion control for the lower bass cabinet. Further, V-Material is employed in the Acoustic Diode spiking system as also used in all the models above the Sasha V. The use of the super-hard X-Material across critical locations within the cabinetry panels as well as in the extensive bracing system makes for an extremely inert overall cabinet construction. In fact, the Sasha V now weighs in at a substantial 111kg each. Of course, Sasha V is available in Wilson Audio’s immaculate Wilson Gloss colour palette in a number of standard finishes plus optional extra cost and custom colours.


Sasha V’s refined crossover is now the recipient of Wilson Audio’s new copper AudioCapX-WA capacitors which are manufactured in-house since the company acquired renowned specialist manufacturing concern Reliable Capacitors. The new copper capacitors debut within the Sasha V crossover topology which eschews circuit boards for the more labour intensive, but sonically beneficial, point-to-point component connection. The crossover to driver interface now uses Wilson Audio’s V-Cable as a consistent conduit between all the various components.


The module alignment hardware and methodology have been further improved and refined with additional adjustment points allowing a more precise acoustic alignment of the drivers. There’s now a flush-mounted bubble level for precise levelling of the bass enclosure. The rear resistor panel now adopts a carbon fibre back plate and a redesigned aluminium and glass cover.

Wilson Audio told SoundStage! Australia, “Painstaking attention to detail has been poured into every aspect of Sasha V’s design. From the sleek, refined cabinet to the meticulously selected premium materials and finishes, Sasha V is a stunning centre piece in any listening environment.”


Wilson Audio’s Sasha V has arrived in Sydney and is available for audition at Audio Connection. Distributor Advance Audio Australia will be receiving further stock for supply to its dealer network around the country in the following weeks.

Wilson Audio Sasha V Loudspeakers
Price: From AU$82,995

Australian Distributor: Advance Audio Australia
+61 2 9561 0799