Monitor Audio Announces Platinum 3G Series

As a major release crowning the company’s 50th Year Anniversary celebrations, Monitor Audio has announced the flagship Platinum 3G line, a result of an extensive re-engineering of its preceding generation.

The new Platinum 3G series offers four models including a duo of floorstanders, a monitor standmount and a matching centre channel loudspeaker. The line shares a new 3rd generation Micro Pleated Diaphragm (MPD III) tweeter engineered in-house which was first announced at the 50th Anniversary milestone. The new driver features improved distortion characteristics and a more linear frequency response. Efficiency and directivity is enhanced via the newly-optimised waveguide.

Monitor Audio

The Platinum 3G line also shares Monitor Audio’s new RDT III multi-layer cone which is employed across all the models. Ceramic-Coated Aluminium (C-CAM) layers sandwich a Nomex honeycomb core and twin layers of unidirectional carbon fibre making for an extremely stiff yet lightweight diaphragm. The RDT III drivers are said to operate as “perfect pistons” and Monito Audio is proud to state they are the lowest distortion drivers the company has produced to date.

Further refinements are used on the Platinum 200 3G and 300 3G floorstanders by way of Monitor Audio’s Dynamic Coupling Filter (DCF) mechanism designed to control cone breakup. Those drivers also feature a redesigned motor system employing powerful neodymium magnets in an underhung large voice coil configuration (even larger voice coils in the bass drivers for added power handling).

All the new drivers are now mated to a new crossover design featuring a newly engineered elliptical filter system said to provide “perfect time alignment” of all the transducers at the crossover points while also improving on-axis directivity. The crossover design was developed through extensive design and refinement stages.

Monitor Audio

The Platinum 3G line features reworked cabinet construction. The drivers are mounted on a curved baffle to provide better dispersion characteristics while tension rods secure and couple the drivers’ aluminium frames to the enclosure. Precision engineered outriggers provide a solid platform while also couple the speakers to the surface below. The line is offered in luxurious finishes including Piano Black, Satin White and a high-grained Piano Ebony.

Monitor Audio told SoundStage! Australia, “Platinum Series 3G perfects the art of high-fidelity sound, within a system package that exemplifies cutting-edge, acoustic innovation and premium design. The result is spine-tingling levels of performance. Each Platinum Series 3G model truly is an object of desire.”

Monitor Audio

The new Monitor Audio Platinum 3G loudspeakers will be available in Australia from December 2022 via distributor Interdyn’s country-wide specialist dealer network.

Monitor Audio Platinum 3G Loudspeakers
Price: TBA

Australian Distributor: Interdyn
+61 3 9426 3600